Below you'll find testimonials from members of our community on their experience when participating in the Strive For Autism Support Group:


Hannah - Carer of a boy with Autism
"As the carer of a young boy with Autism I decided to attend STRIVE because I wanted to better educate myself in understanding and supporting him. I also wanted to meet people who face the same struggles and challenges in everyday life that comes with raising a child on the Spectrum.


I have been going to STRIVE for 5 years now and the guest speakers including psychologists, people on the spectrum themselves, teachers, an author and mother of a child with Autism, an OT (Occupational Therapist), a speech therapist and many others have all been incredibly interesting.


Making new friends, having a laugh and being understood when sharing stories with each other about the highs and lows we all experience make STRIVE the great support group it is."  - Hannah Carer of boy with Autism

Jenni Rowlands Experience:
"For the past five years I have attended the annual Strive Shopping Trip. We visit a variety of shops that cater for everyone of different age, taste and interest. It’s a great girls weekend away, full of laughs and plenty of money being spent. All in the name of supporting a great charity.” - Jenni Rowlands

Jeanette Purkis Experience With Strive For Autism

"I was invited to speak at a seminar for Strive for Autism in Cessnock last year alongside author and psychotherapist Rachael Lee Harris and psychologist Lee Sturgeon. I had a great time and felt very welcomed. The seminar was well-received and around 500 people attended. It was great meeting people and talking about autism. I enjoy speaking in small towns and regional centres because I was brought up in the country. It was a very positive experience and I was delighted to be involved with Strive for Autism and supporting their good work." -  Jeanette Purkis

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Heather Sutherland's Experience with Strive For Autism

"As a parent of a child with an ASD, I was in need of meeting people who knew what we, as a family were experiencing.  I needed to know how other people managed; I needed to know where to look for help.  Working with Strive has given me that connection.  Being able to meet with other parents and family members and hear from professionals has been a valued lifeline.  An event that particularly made an impact on me was hearing from guest speakers who were on the spectrum themselves, proudly talking about their lives, how they have reached their true potential and never let ASD stop them.  Thank you to Strive for the support you bring to our families."

Heather Sutherland
Community Liaison Officer
Kurri Kurri High School
P: 4937 1877

Author/ Keynote Speaker  Judy Sharp & Tim Sharp 
Internationally acclaimed artist and creator of Laser Beak Man

"As keynote speakers at the “Strive for Autism” 10th anniversary Dinner in November 2017 it was incredibly  inspiring to learn of how a few  families were able to start something 10 years ago that has now grown into a major regional success story. With their commitment to supporting families and people living with autism,  educating the community, working with professionals and creating an environment of inclusion in regional Australia, it is one of the best and most proactive networks we have had the pleasure of connecting with. Their growth in those ten years within the region and the Australian autism community is phenomenal and a perfect example of what can be achieved by people coming together.  It was a joy to share our story with 'Strive for Autism' and to share  common goals of hope, opportunity, inclusion and acceptance for all living with autism."

Judy Sharp author/keynote Speaker and Tim Sharp internationally acclaimed artist and creator of Laser Beak Man. Tim was diagnosed with autism at age three.