Strive For Autism’s 10th Year Anniversary Dinner

A photo from Judy Sharp - L for Laser Beak Man

Strive For Autism Celebrated their 10th Anniversary on the 14th of November. Holding the anniversary dinner at the Cessnock Golf Course, guests enjoyed a delicious 2 course meal and celebrated the achievement of Strive over the last 10 amazing years.


Sophee Kerslake

Strive Ambassadors Dr Lee Sturgeon & Anna Behnke

The evening opened with a stunning rendition of "Creep" by an up and coming artist "Sophee Kerslake " - who wowed us with her amazing talents - not only as a vocalist but as a pianist.


Followed by presentations to our newly appointed  Strive Ambassadors Dr Lee Sturgeon & Anna Behnke whom are highly respected in their fields and contributions to our community.


Judy Sharp, Anna Behnke & Maxine Baird holding Tim's Auctioned Artwork

We then welcomed highly regarded keynote speakers "Tim & Judy Sharp" - all be it that Tim was unable to make the evening due to illness- he sent his regards.  Judy did an amazing job in his absence, sharing their families inspiring story and incredible experiences - escaping domestic abuse situation to go on to raise her two wonderful sons; Tim and Sam, and Tim's journey on the spectrum. 

Through Judy's immense love and dedication  - "where there is a will, there IS a way" we see the amazing outcomes of focusing on Tim's abilities opposed to disabilities. Judy shares how they discovered Tim's love of drawing and incredible talents as an Artist,  with his super hero creation "Laser Beak Man". 

As a result, Tim is now in recognised as an international artist and as well as having his own TV series screening on networks in Asia, New Zealand and Australia, and continues to defy all odds!

Tim & Judy's talks have been well received at many Autism conferences with their presentation and this heartfelt tail shared with our Strive For Autism community received a standing ovation, ongoing inspiration and memorable messages of hope and wonder of what really is possible.


The night was a massive success with so many wonderful messages on our Facebook page  and chatter within our community of how much everyone enjoyed our celebration. 

Again a massive thanks to everyone who made this evening possible.

Author/ Keynote Speaker  Judy Sharp & Tim Sharp 
Internationally acclaimed artist and creator of Laser Beak Man

"As keynote speakers at the “Strive for Autism” 10th anniversary Dinner in November 2017 it was incredibly  inspiring to learn of how a few  families were able to start something 10 years ago that has now grown into a major regional success story. With their commitment to supporting families and people living with autism,  educating the community, working with professionals and creating an environment of inclusion in regional Australia, it is one of the best and most proactive networks we have had the pleasure of connecting with. Their growth in those ten years within the region and the Australian autism community is phenomenal and a perfect example of what can be achieved by people coming together.  It was a joy to share our story with 'Strive for Autism' and to share  common goals of hope, opportunity, inclusion and acceptance for all living with autism."

Judy Sharp author/keynote Speaker and Tim Sharp internationally acclaimed artist and creator of Laser Beak Man. Tim was diagnosed with autism at age three.

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