Poem – John

This poem was sent to STRIVE, Poem by Rebecca Tuckey Muswellbrook, year 9 student.


I have a brother
His name is John
He is Autistic and artistic with shaving cream
He loves to dream about the Wiggles and likes to giggle

He is sneaky and cheeky
He is funny and cuddly as a bunny
John loves Hi 5 it makes him jive
I’m in the middle, Cassie the oldest
John the youngest, the baby of the family

He can’t talk but he loves to walk
We have the best Mum in the world
She is never glum

I know John has a disability
But he can do things to the best of his ability
John is my brother so you can see
He can be annoying
But that’s just how things are meant to be

Author: Admin2468

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