Our Story – Kylie And Ethan

Hi my name is Kylie and this is my little boy Ethan.

We started our journey when Ethan was about 3. He was not talking and dragging us to show what he wanted. Everyone kept saying he will talk soon, he is the third child, he’s brothers are talking for him. Finally after about 18months of going here, there and everywhere we went to a Psychologist and Ethan was diagnosed with PDD NOS. Ethan is progressing really well we have a speech therapist who comes to our house and he is now sitting really well for the therapy. We also like most of you, do Occupational therapy and are working on Ethan’s fine motor skills as he’s gross motor is not too bad. Ethan attends Telarah Early Intervention Unit twice a week and really loves it as well as Pre-school two days a week. We are transitioning Ethan to main stream in term 4 of this year and hopefully it will go ok, Who Knows? This is our story so far and I would like to say keep smiling and be positive and you will see results like we are with our little E.


Kylie Whiting pictured with son Ethan

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