Financial Support

Carer’s Allowance

This is administered by Centrelink and assists Carers looking after a child or an adult with a severe disability and/or medical condition which requires much additional attention - Autism included.

Phone: Centrelink's Disability, Sickness and Carer's Line on 132717


Carer’s Payment

This is administered by Centrelink and is income and assets tested, similar to a full pension and difficult to qualify for.


Phone: Centrelink’s Disability, Sickness and Carer’s Line on 132 717

Carers Adjustment Payment

The Carer Adjustment Payment is a one-off payment to some families who have a child under 7 diagnosed with a severe illness, medical condition or major disability and are ONLY receiving the Carer Allowance from Centrelink. Families should contact Centrelink directly regarding eligibility. Please click on the following link for further information regarding this payment:

Medicare Safety Net

If you see a doctor often, or have tests regularly, your medical costs could be high. The Medicare Safety Net may help you with this. Once you reach a Medicare Safety Net threshold, visits to your doctor or having tests could cost you less for the rest of the calendar year. The Medicare Safety Net covers a range of out-of-hospital doctor visits and tests listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

Web: (And search for safety net)

Phone: Medicare on 132 011

132 011