Child Care Options

Pre Schools

Provide early education and care for children 3-6 years
Long Day Care Centres (also known as childcare centres)

For children 0-5years, with qualified and other staff. Generally open for at least 8 hours/day and for 48 weeks/year
Family Day Care

Family day care is care and developmental activities provided for other people’s children by a caregiver in their own home.
Inclusion Support Funding

Inclusion support funding is funding that is provided directly to all types of child care centres to support any children with additional needs (including those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder). It is not for a direct one to one worker, but is to increase the adult to child staff ratio to support all children with additional needs. You can ask the child care centre to arrange this.

PDSP (Preschool Disability Support Program)

PDSP (Preschool Disability Support Program) for preschools and vacation care
Provide funding for NSW children’s services that are State only funded and are not an approved service for the purpose of receiving the Commonwealth Child Care Benefit (CCB). The aim is to help children with additional needs access preschools and vacation care. You can ask the preschool or vacation care service to arrange this.
Your child care service or preschool should know whether they need to apply for PDSP funding or Inclusion Support Funding.